Friday, May 24, 2013

The Perfect Storm (Brainstorm, that is...)..

BRAINSTORMING.....Back to Basics

Brainstorming is the brainchild of Alex Osborne, who coined the term in his 1958 book, creatively titled Brainstorming. But Brainstorming really gained popularity in the 60's and 70's as a reaction to Groupthink (Irving Janis), where everyone follows the leader happily and mindlessly into disaster. Sound familiar?

Brainstorming is about thinking things you never thought you could think, or would even allow yourself to consider allowing yourself to think,  and then sharing those hidden, secret, often forbidden in your work culture,  and impossible thoughts publicly with your co-workers!

Yes, you, the thought policewoman, or policeman who said "no way Jose!" to your colleagues when they ventured outside the play pen (or prison) of your department and hospital's thinking.....Are you ready to take that step?

Brainstorming is an act of courage!

Because the first few thoughts out of those cobwebs can be creaky.

But yes, you're going there anyway....because in that dark damp swamp called your brain is the gateway to brilliance.

But the rules for Brainstorming, the path to that treasure,  are often forgotten, or incomplete.

So here, for your unlimited usage, is a  JPG slide presentation containing all the really good rules of a proper and well brought-up Brainstorm...

A Perfect BrainStorm.