Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The School for Hospital Staffing Pools That Rule!

 Workforce has become the number one challenge for many hospitals, and there appear to be limited options for recovery:

  1. By January 2020 US Hospitals averaged 90% occupancy or about 36,242 admissions

  2. This represented a 5.8% growth over 2000   

  3. But by September 2020 hospital occupancy had dropped to 60%

  4. And the projection for June of this year, 2022, is still only 60%       

  5. Two thirds of the employees lost due to the pandemic haven't returned to the hospital workforce

  6. The current workforce includes a 37% increase in Travelers

  7. The nation is no healthier than it was. As a result of COVID the population is more vulnerable. While the COVID death toll has dropped dramatically, now a higher percentage of vaccinated adults are getting COVID, and the long term effects of COVID are beginning to emerge.

  8. Given the impact from COVID and the aging population, the demand for services including inpatient admissions should be going up.

  9. Is it possible the inability to staff reliably and cost-effectively is affecting the return to 90% occupancy?

  10. A new model of resource management and performance excellence is needed to assure safe and reliable patient access: A collaborative model that uses all the best skills of the hospital’s highest achievers.

And what is the basic foundation of that new model? 

It's your service line's ESP! 

Engineered Staffing Pool......

So, for your viewing and sharing pleasure scroll all the way down below the text and click on the first slide to start the slide viewer.

...And enter the School for Hospital Staffing Pools that Rule!

By Spence Tepper and Dirk Pattee


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 And if you found the above data as compelling as we did, read more from their sources here.


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The School for Staffing Pools that Rule!

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