Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Hospital Span-of-Control? 

Or Span-out-of-Control? 

Part II:  Span-of-Control Work

In our previous post we provided an essay on hospital system Span-of-Control and how it has changed over the decades...

Hospital Span-of-Control Part 1

Here we offer a more technical and practical approach on conducting Span-of-Control work.

Where there are quality, service, cost and productivity issues, Span-of-Control is a crucial foundational area for investigation and re-engineering. Building a better management team is a first step to actually getting things done right. Let's get woke to the work of management!

Here for your viewing and sharing pleasure are the fundamentals of Span-of-Control analysis work. Just click on the first slide to open the full screen slide presenter.

By Dirk Pattee and Spence Tepper
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