Friday, March 10, 2023

Is your Hospital Labor Management System Unlovable?

 Are you facing damaging staffing shortages, high-cost travelers, high turnover, and lower retention at your Hospital or Health Center? Are your managers and executives relying on labor and productivity tools that aren’t credible or useful? 

We see this happening all over the country. 

Workforce teamwork, reliability and performance is more crucial than ever, but the tools just aren’t up to it. 

Check out a new system we recently built that does several of the things missing in traditional systems.  Just scroll down and click on the first slide to bring up the slide viewer. 

We didn’t build this alone for managers and executives; we built it with them from the ground up on a portable, scalable and interoperative PowerBI platform.

This is just what hospitals need today:  a very affordable, collaborative suite of workforce productivity and management tools that isn't another bloated software silo: A new approach using the latest technology; a lean, rapidly installed HIPPA compliant and secure system; interoperative to existing systems and back end data; and available with easy-to-use online tools for all registered users. A system that can be installed in weeks and further customized and built out to each managers’ needs:  In the words of our clients, a system “We love...and Trust”. 

Find out more from the slide deck below and learn what's missing from your current system, and what a more robust, user-friendly and useful system looks like: A system to love, and trust.

If you have any questions, or interest to pursue further, reach out to Dirk or I..

We are more than happy to provide a free live webinar to present the deck below to you and your team, some recent case studies, and answer any questions.

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