Friday, September 23, 2022

Hospital Productivity Systems: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Part II: Two Examples from Physical Medicine

In our last blog article we detailed all the good ingredients of a best - practice productivity management system. 

Link to Part I

In this article we provide two examples where decision-making based on an existing productivity system went off the rails, and where additional analytics made things right again.

Here below, for your viewing and sharing pleasure, is a slide deck detailing two examples of hospital management system-based decisions from Physical Medicine. These two examples are a compilation of detailed work analysis, creative engineering and collaboration primarily by the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Directors of these departments, their managers and therapists, Nursing colleagues, and their executive C-Suite Leadership. The work was conducted over three health systems in the Midwest and Northeast, representing five different hospitals and their clinics from 2020-2021.

Just click on the first slide to bring up the slide viewer, and remember to save as a favorite for future education in your own organization.

Spence Tepper and Dirk Pattee

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