Friday, September 9, 2022

Hospital Workforce Productivity Systems: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The increased corporatization of healthcare has made investment in big data systems possible. The data has proven to be a powerful tool for public service, patient access and margin improvement. But the downside is using this information for remote supervision rather than local supervision. That means judging performance a few management layers away from the department management, in a corporate office, based purely on limited data reports and verbal hearsay. 

This is the first of two blog articles. Here, in the slide deck below, we will detail the "Good": robust systems of complete information used in a disciplined infrastructure designed for two-way communication, collaboration and understanding. We will show the positive results these have generated in two  hospital improvement project examples. 

Simply click on the first slide to bring up the full-screen slide viewer.

In the next article we will detail two examples of the "bad" and the "ugly". We will share how good but incomplete information was misunderstood, painting false conclusions and generating poor decisions. These generated illusory short-term financial gains that burdened staff, patients and margin. 

Take your pick. Some learn best by good examples of good habits. Others are annoyed by it and need to see the negative results of bad habits. There are no bad habits, though. Simply habits that no longer function in this current environment. Here is our contribution to the journey forward.

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